Even in Southern California, the amount of sunlight lessens as the summer season fades away. We all know that light positively affects our moods. In these difficult times, it is even more important for each of us to celebrate life and the season. One way to bring a smile to your face, is to surround your own home with holiday lights. The twinkles sparkle and glowing delight the spirit! This is the time of year to reflect, to decorate, to celebrate and a time to appreciate those that touch our lives. Begin the celebration with a Christmas light display for all to see.

"Great idea" but  you secretly dread wading through all the boxes to find strands of lights, untangle and unmangle the mess! Oh don't forget after an hour of untangling,  you need to test each strand.  Do you want to spend hours finding replacement bulbs AND determining why they wont work.  I guarantee that you noticed some the your neighbor's holiday display lights "sprout" overnight and magically appear on the highest points of their homes. It wasn't magic that theirlightswere operational in a "blink of an eye". No it was the great team of Delights of La Jolla that installed their lights with ease and precision.

Wouldn't you feel "Delighted" to see all your holiday lights sparkling, shining and being admired. Leave that dreaded feeling behind and let Delights of LaJolla  "untangle your life and hang your lights!"We want to put a smile on your childrens' face, your face and your neighbors faces too.

Just call us at  for a complimentary estimate. If our price is the same as another company's price we will lower our price upon presentation of their written estimate. The process is painful and we may be able to estimate the cost over the phone.

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