My Story: I am a well educated scientist and still in Grad School. Although my thesis is near completion,  the outlook for work in my field is bleak. Coming from a 3 generation family of entrepreneurs, I knew I could think of something to lighten my mind!  I decided not to  dwell on the dim prospects of an immediate job offer, I thought about the lighter side of life knowing that:

                                     I can do what I set my mind to do!                                     

                           Hence the creation of "Delights of La Jolla"                                    

My Experience: I am the youngest of 3 boys in our family with an age gap of 6 years to my middle brother. Needless to say I was the "kid" and my brothers, claimed they were too busy to heIp Mom. You guessed it, they volunteered me as the assistant to Mom!  Believe me that's many years of experience!  My Mom loved decorating for Christmas and had me outside for hours upon hours decorating with everything thatcame with a electrical cord and  lights!   We had illuminated candy canes, snowflakes,  stars, Santa with his sleigh and reindeer and of course every shape and size set of lightsall over the exterior. She said it was for us but I think she loved the lights as much as we did!

My Reason: Well now that I am a parent of a toddler,  I understand her delight in the lights.  I saw the delight on his face when I put our huge LED icicles and garland on the balcony railings of our home! I bought him his own 3 ft tree and watch his face light up with delight when he put the lights and ornaments on the tree. I certainly understand my Mom's point of view now!So I realized, I could use my vast experience with Mom, help others and  use my entrepreneur skills while seeking full-time employment in the pharmaceutical brain research field.

The Team: The Team can do it all! You imagine it and we will accomplish it! Let us  untangle your life and put up your lights. Delights of La Jolla want you enjoy this season by lessen your stress level. Upon conceptualizing this business,  I called a few close friends who have a similar story to mine and the offical  Delights of La Jolla was born! Our Team can untangle your life by putting up your lights.  Delights of La Jolla will help you enjoy this season by lessening the lengthy "To Do" list. Our Team of great people  will light up your exterior whether it's a big full blown Christmas display or a simple line of lights on the roofline. Our Team is capable of completing your interior and tree decor too. 

Why Choose Us:  Remember the lights shine brightly in he night sky and cheer you during the long winter's night. The lights will make the long nights more comforting and delightful. We want you to have the delight in your lights without all the hassle you usually endure. The tangled mess, the broken bulbs, the hassle of installing them on the roof-line or just running of out time. Christmas is the time for family and friends to celebrate being together. We want you to concentrate on the food, organizing the house, the gifts and preparing your house for your family and leave the lights to us

I promise you the installation will be seamless. As you delight in your decor, you may even think Santa's Elves did the work! 

The colors words above were to help your remember our name  so call "Delights of La Jolla" anytime!


Millions of thanks for reading my story,

Ron and the Team